A7IE     dark electro

Aaaimon     dark electro

Abandoned Toys     dark ambient - experimental

Ab Ovo     experimental - ambient

Absolute Body Control     EBM - industrial

Absurd Minds     dark electro

Accessory     EBM - industrial

Accessvirus     electro industrial

Access Zero     electro pop

A Challenge Of Honour     martial neo classical

A Covenant of Thorns     darkwave - synthpop

Acretongue     dark electro

Act Noir     electro rock

Acylum     harsh electro

A.D.A.C. 8286     old-school EBM

Adam Kult     harsh electro

Adam X     EBM - industrial

Ad Inferna X     electro - industrial

Adom9     electro industrial

Ad Ombra     neo classical

Adoration     dark pop

Adoration Destroyed     electro rock

Aere Aeternus     dark ambient

Aesma Daeva     gothic metal

Aesthetic Perfection     dark electro industrial

Aesthetische     EBM

Aeternale Solitudine     dark electro

Agent Side Grinder     EBM - post punk

Aghast Manor     neoclassical - ambient

Agnes Poetry     electro pop

Agonised By Love     darkwave

Agonoize     industrial

Agrezzior     EBM

a;GRUMH     industrial

Ah Cama-Sotz    industrial ambient

Ahráyeph     gothic rock

Aiboforcen     dark electro

Ain Soph     dark folk

AinSophAur     cold wave

Aircrash Bureau     EBM

Aisleng     celtic folk

Akanoid     electro pop

Akoma     goth metal

Aktivehate     harsh electro

Albireon     dark folk

Alice In Videoland     electro rock

Alien Produkt     electro industrial

Alien Sex Fiend     gothic - industrial

Alien Skin     electro pop

Alien Vampires     harsh industrial

A Life Divided     goth metal

Alio Die     ambient

Alison Wait     ambient

Alizbar     celtic

All About Eve     gothic pop

Allerseelen     apocalyptic folk

All Living Fear     dark rock

All My Faith Lost     ethereal wave

All the Pretty Horses     gothic rock

Alpha Point     electro-pop

Alter Der Ruine     electro

Alter Red     electro pop

Aluk Todolo     death rock

Ambassador 21     harsh industrial

Amber Asylum     neoclassical - dark ambient

Amduscia     harsh electro

L'Ame Immortelle     dark electro

Amganeshan     tribal - heavenly voices

Amnistia     dark electro

Amon     dark ambient

Anal Kitties     industrial punk

Analog Angel     electro pop - EBM

Analogue Brain     EBM

Anathema     neo metal

Anax Imperator     EBM - gothic

And Also the Trees     dark pop

And One     EBM

Andraculoid     metal industrial

Android Lust     electro industrial

Angelic Foe     heavenly voices

Angels & Agony     dark electro pop

Angels Of Liberty     gothic rock

Angelspit     electro punk

Angel Theory     dark electro

The Angina Pectoris     gothic rock

AnimadVersion     electro industrial

Animassacre     industrial

Anima Virus     darkwave - ambient

Another Species     gothic - deathrock

Vic Anselmo     gothic

Apatheia     neofolk

Apoptose     martial industrial

Apoptygma Berzerk     electro pop

Apraxia     industrial synthpop

A Rainy Day In Bergen     electro pop

Arcaide     industrial ambient

Arcana     heavenly voices

Arcane Ritual     goth metal

Arcanta     experimental ambient

The Arch     electro wave

Architect     electro industrial

Arditi    industrial ambient

Area     cold wave - dreamypop

Argentum     neoclassic - martial

Argheid     neoclassic - martial

Argine     dark folk

Arian 1     EBM

Arkane     neo classical

Armageddon Dildos     electro

Army of the Universe     electro industrial

Arsine Tibe     electro pop

Art Abscons     dark folk - pop

Art Decade     cold wave

Artefactum     ambient

Artesia     gothic - heavenly voices

Artica     gothic rock

Art of Decay     EBM

Artrosis     gothic rock

Arzt+Pfusch     pop - industrial

Asbestoscape     experimental ambient

Asche     industrial - ambient

Daniel Ash     gothic

Ashbury Heights     electro pop

Ash Code     cold wave

Ashram     neo classical

Aslan Faction     EBM

ASP     gothic

A Spell Inside     electro pop

Asphyx Squad     EBM

Assemblage 23     dark electro

Ataraxia     neo classical

Atari Teenage Riot     electro hardcore

Atomic Neon     cold wave

Atomtrakt     industrial - martial

Atrium Animae     neoclassical

Atrium Carceri     dark ambient

Atrocity     metal industrial

Atrox     industrial

Attention System     electro pop - rock

Attrition     dark ambient

Audra     cold wave

Aura Noctis     neoclassical

Aurora Sutra     heavenly voices

Ausgang     gothic

Auswalht     martial

Auto Auto     electro pop

Autoclav1.1     industrial

Autodafeh     EBM

Autumn     gothic rock

Autumn's Grey Solace     dreampop

Autopsie d'Une Ombre     coldwave - industrial

Autumn Tears     heavenly voices

Avoid-A-Void     electro pop - EBM

Avoid Kharma     goth electro

Axodry     electro pop

Ayin Aleph     gothic

Ayria     minimal electro - EBM

Aythis     neoclassical

The Azoic     electro pop