Babylonia     electro pop

Babylonian Tiles     gothic

Babel 17     cold wave

Bacio Di Tosca     dark romantic

Backworld     dark folk

Bad Sector     industrial

Bahntier     EBM - industrial

Bang Elektronika     EBM

Barbarossa Umtrunk     martial folk

Batalion d'Amour     gothic - metal

Battery Cage     EBM - wave

Bauhaus     gothic

Beata Beatrix     goth - darkwave

The Beauty Of Gemina     goth - darkwave

Beborn Beton     synthpop

Behind the Scenes     electro goth

Bella Morte     gothic

The Bellwether Syndicate     gothic rock

Be My Enemy     electro industrial

Tobias Bernstrup     new wave - electro pop

Bewegung     electro ambient

Beyond Sensory Experience     industrial ambient

Bile     metal industrial

Binary Park     dark electro - ambient

Biomekkanik     electro industrial

Bionic     EBM

Bio-tek     dark electro

Birmingham 6     EBM

The Birthday Massacre     electro goth

Bitcrush     electro industrial

Bitter Grace     goth rock

Bizune     electro industrial

Black December     industrial metal

Black Depths Grey Waves     dark ambient

Black Egg     minimal cold wave

Black Heaven     electro goth

Blackhouse     electro industrial

Black Light Discipline     electro industrial rock

Black Tape for a Blue Girl     darkwave - ethereal

Black Temple     electro industrial rock

Ella Blame     ethereal- ambient

Blank     dark electro

Bleeding Heart Narrative     neo classical

Bleib Modern     minimal cold wave

Blind Before Dawn     electro goth

Blind Passengers     metal industrial

Blitzkid     goth punk

Blitzmaschine     EBM

Blood Axis     folk - traditional

Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space     gothabilly

Bloody Dead And Sexy     goth wave

Bloodless Mushroom     industrial ambient

Blue Kremlin     cold wave

Blue October UK     electro pop - new wave

Blume     electro pop

Blutengel     dark electro

Born For Bliss     cold wave

Boudoir     new wave

Bow Ever Down     industrial pop

The Break Up     electro pop

Breath of Life     gothic rock

Brigade Werther     EBM

Brighter Death Now     death industrial

Brighter Fires     darkwave

Broke Box     industrial rock

Brotherhood     gothic rock

Burial Hex     industrial ambient

Burikusu !!!     experimental electro pop

B.T.D.O (Butaprendisko)     EBM

Bytet     goth industrial