Fabrik C     electro industria

The Faces of Sarah     gothic rock

Faderhead     dark electro - EBM

Fading Colors     darkwave - EBM

Fairlight Children     electro-pop

The Fair Sex     EBM - darkwave

Faith & Disease     ethereal darkwave

Faith & the Muse     gothic rock - dark folk

Faith Assembly     synthpop - new wave

Falkenstein     pagan folk

FAQ     electro pop - wave

Fatum Aeternum     goth metal

Faun     celtic folk

Fear Cult     dark electro

Fear Falls Burning     minimalist ambient

Fear of Dolls     experimental death rock

Fear Factory     metal industrial

Fear Incorporated     death rock

Feeding Fingers     gothic

Feindflug     martial industrial

Felsenreich     gothic

Femina Faber     industrial ambient

Femme Fatality     electro pop

Fernthal     electro pop

Fetisch:Mensch     gothic rock

FFAA     martial - industrial

FGFC820     industrial metal

Fields of the Nephilim     gothic rock

Fight the Cause     electro - darkwave

Filia Irata     medieval

Final Selection     electro-pop

First Aid 4 Souls     ambient - industrial

First Black Pope     harsh electro

First Law     industrial

Fixmer/McCarthy     EBM

Flatline Transmission     electro goth

Flesh Eating Foundation     industrial

Flesh Field     electro industrial

Fleur     heavenly voices

Fliehende Stëerme     darkwave

Flint Glass     dark electro ambient

Floating Point     electro-pop

Florence Foster Fan Club     wave - EBM

Flutwacht     industrial

Fœtus     industrial

Force.Is.Machine     electro industrial

Foretaste     synthpop

Forgotten Sunrise     dark electro

Fornever     darkwave

Foundation Hope     industrial ambient

Fractured     electro industrial

Les Fragments de la Nuit     neoclassical

Fragments of Dirt     deathrock - coldwave

Freakangel     harsh electro

Freeze Etch     ambient - industrial

Frolic     electro ambient

Front 242     EBM

Front Line Assembly     electro industrial

Frozen Autumn     darkwave

Frozen Plasma     electro-pop

Frustration     cold wave

Funhouse     gothic rock

Funker Vogt     EBM

Future Perfect     electro pop

Future Trail     electro

Fvnerals     dark post-rock