Hagalaz' Runedance     folk - ambient

Haggard     goth metal

Halovox     electro-pop

Hanzel und Gretyl     electro techno

Happiness Project     electro coldwave

Hate Dept.     industrial rock

Hatesex     gothic rock

Haujobb     dark electro

Haus Arafna     industrial

Haven     industrial ambient

Having Thin Moonshine     folk wave

Head-less     synthpop

Headrops     darkwave

Headscan     electro industrial

HECQ     electro - ambient

Hedone     dark electro

Heimataerde     electro industrial

Heimstatt Yipotash     industrial

Hekate     neofolk

Helalyn Flowers     electro wave

Helium Vola     medieval - heavenly voices

Hellfire Society     industrial rock

Helloz     industrial death rock

Henric de la Cour     darkwave

Herbst 9     ritual ambient

HERR     neoclassical

Herz Jühning     minimal industrial

Herzschlag     harsh electro

Hexperos     neoclassical

Hex RX     electro industrial

Heyaeb     dark electro

Hidden Place     electro wave

HIM     gothic rock

Simon Hinkler     gothic rock

Hioctan     EBM

HIV+     industrial

H.M.B.     dark electro

Hocico     harsh electro

Holy Orange     coldwave

Horologium     martial industrial

The House of Usher     gothic rock

Matt Howden     neo classical

Howling Syn     goth metal

Hrefnesholt     ambient metal

Hrossharsgrani     martial - ambient

Human Drama     dakwave

The Human Voice     dark ambient

Hundreds     dreamy pop

The Hungry Ghost     dark ambient

Hungry Lucy     darkwave - ambient

Hydrone     industrial

Hypnoskull     industrial