Lacrimas Profundere     goth metal

Lacrimosa     goth metal

Lacuna Coil     goth metal

Lacus Somniorum     dark ambient

La Floa Maldita     electro - classical - dreamypop

Lahannya     goth metal - industrial

Lahká Múza     ritual gothic

Laibach     industrial - orchestral

Lakeside-X     electrop pop

La Magra     dark electro

La Mamoynia     electro wave

Lambwool     ritual - symphonic

Lamia     electro goth

Land     dark industrial

Larrnakh     neofolk - martial

The Last Cry     gothic rock

The Last Dance     gothic rock

Last Days of S.E.X.     industrial

The Last Hour     cold wave - ambient

Last Influence of Brain     dark electro industrial

Last July     electro goth

Last Rites     gothic rock

Latexxx Teens     rock - electro

Laudanum     electro pop

LCEDP     experimentl industrial

Leaves Eyes     goth metal

Left Spine Down     electro industrial

Legacy of Music     EBM - synthpop

Legend     electro pop

Legendary Pink Dots     dark - ambient - experimental

Leger Des Heils     neo folk

Legionarii     martial

Leichenwetter     goth metal

Lestat     darkwave

Leidungr     ritual folk

Leisur Hive     dark rock

Lethal Dose 50     experimental industrial

Lethian Dreams     goth metal

Letzte Instanz     goth metal

Levinhurst     electro-pop

Libido Formandi     electro industrial

Libitina     darkwave

Life Cried     harsh electro

Life's Decay     dark industrial - martial

Life Toward Twilight     dark ambient - industrial

The Light Beyond     darkwave - synthpop

Lights of Euphoria     EBM - electro-pop

Liholesie     industrial neofolk

The Lindbergh Baby     goth - dark folk

The Lingams And Yoni     dark electro

Lingouf     industrial

Liquid Divine     dark electro

Liquid Sky     goth metal

Liturgy of Decay     goth metal

Liv Kristine     dreamypop

Live Not On Evil     goth rock

Liyr     martial - neoclassical

Lizard Smile     goth rock

Lizette &     industrial rock

Lola Angst     electro pop

Lolita Komplex     harsh electro rock

London After Midnight     gothic rock

Lord Agheros     neoclassical - metal ambient

Lord of the Lost     goth metal

Los Humillados     gothic

Lost Area     EBM - electro-pop

Lost In Desire     cold wave

Lost Signal     EBM - electro-pop

Lost Tribe     death rock

Lotus Feed     gothic rock

The Lovecrave     goth mteal

Love is Colder than Death     heavenly voices

Loveless     electro rock

Lovelorn Dolls     goth metal

Love In Prague     cold wave

Love Like Blood     gothic rock

Lovespirals     dreamypop

Love Spirals Downwards     heavenly voices

Lowe     new wave

Lucid Sketchmaster     industrial

Lucidstatic     industrial

Lvcvs     neoclassical

Ludovico Technique     harsh electro

Luftwaffe     neofolk - industrial

Lunascape     ethereal electro

Tor Lundvall     ethereal ambient

Lustmord     dark ambient

Lutherion     gothic rock

Lux Incerta     goth metal

Lux Interna     dark folk

Lycia     ambient - experimental

Lyronian     dark electro

Lysergene     dark industrial