The Machine in the Garden     gothic - darkwave

Madre Del Vizio     death rock - batcave

Maeror Tri     industrial ambiant

Magenta     electro darkwave

Frederik Magle     dark classical

Magnitudo 8     industrial

Mainstream Distortion     industrial

Makaras Pen     dreamy pop

Malaise     electro goth

Malakwa     electro punk

Malicious Wonderland     industrial - ambient

Maninkari     dark ambient

Mantus     gothic rock

Manufactura     electro - industrial

Manüskript     goth - synthpop

Maple Bee     dark folk - pop

Mara's Torment     ambient darkwave

Marching Dynamics     electro industrial - ambient

March Of Heroes     martial - ambient

The March Violets     gothic rock

Marsheaux     electro pop

Mary's Comic     goth wave

Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor     industrial

Massive Ego     electro-pop

Massiv in Mensch     electro industrial

Matter     industrial

May-Fly     EBM - synthpop

Rose McDowall     neo folk

Meat Beat Manifesto     electro industrial

Mechanical Cabaret     electro pop

Mechanical Moth     electro darkwave

Mediavolo     ethereal pop

Medieval Baebes     heavenly voices

Megaptera     dark industrial

Meinhard     darkwave

Mekanik Disorder     dark industrial

Mellonta Tauta     heavenly voices

Melodyguild     dreamypop

Melotron     electro-pop

Melt     electro industrial

Memmaker     EBM - industrial

Menschlich Energie     electro-pop

Mental Destruction     doom industrial

Mentallo and the Fixer     electro industrial

Mephisto Walz     gothic rock

Merciful Nuns     gothic rock

Merge     dark pop

Mergel Kratzer     dark electro - EBM

Merlons Lichter     dark metal

Merzbow     industrial

Mesh     electro-pop

Metal Music Machine     EBM

Metallspürhunde     electro goth

Methedreame     gothic rock

Midnight Resistance     new wave - electro

Miel Noir     goth rock - dark ambient

Militia     martial - industrial

Millimetric     EBM

Millipede     dark ambient

Mimetic     indu 'strial ambient

Mind.In.A.Box     dark electro

Mindless Faith     electro industrial

Mindless Self Indulgence     electro rock

Mind Necrosis Factor     tribal industrial

Mind:State     EBM - electro-pop .

Minerve     electro-pop

Ministry     industrial rock

Ministry of Truth     dark folk

Minusheart     dark electro

Mirabilis     heavenly voices

Mirim     cold wave

Mirrors     synthpop

Misery     electro-pop

Misfits     horror punk

Misnomer     darkwave pop

Miss Construction     industrial pop

Miss Kittin & the Hacker     electro pop

The Mission     gothic rock

The Mist of Avalon     goth metal

Mittageisen     darkwave

Mob Research     industrial rock

Model Kaos     darkwave

Modern Cubism     EBM

Modulate     electro industrial

Les Modules Etranges     goth - coldwave

Moi Dix Mois     goth metal neoclassic

Monicas Last Prayer     goth rock

Mono-Amine     industrial

Mono-Chrome     electro-pop

Mono Inc.     gothic rock

Monokrom     industrial

Monosect     electro industrial

Monstrum Sepsis     experimental industrial

The Moon and the Nightspirit     neo folk

Moon Far Away     heavenly voices - neo folk

Moon.74     electro pop

The Moon Seven Times     ethereal pop

Moonspell     goth metal

Mordacious     harsh electro

Mors Syphilitica     neo classical - gothic

Mortaja     industrial - ambient

Mortal Memories     synthpop

Morthem Vlade Art     darkwave

Mortiis     metal industrial

Moth's Tales     darkwave

Moto:Rosa     cold wave - pop

Mount Sims     minimal synthpunk


Mr Jones Machine     electro-pop

MS Gentur     industrial

Muckrackers     harsh industrial

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult     industrial

Miserylab     coldwave

My Shameful     dark metal