Observe & Control     electro industrial

Obszön Geschöpf     electro industrial

O.Children     wave - post punk

Oda Relicta     neo classical

Odor of Pears     electro goth

Of The Wand & The Moon     dark neofolk

ohGr     industrial

Oil 10     experimental industrial

The Old Dead Tree     goth metal

Olen'k     darkwave

Olhon     dark ambient

Omala     ambient - industrial

Omasphere     ambient - tribal

L'Ombre     industrial ambient

Omega Lithium     goth metal

Omen Faculty     industrial metal

Omne Datum Optimum     medieval

Omnicore     martial neo-folk

Onecyze Project     EBM

One Dice     heavenly voices

One for Jude     dark pop

Oneiroid Psychosis     electro - darkwave

Oniric     apocalyptic folk

Only Flesh     electro industrial - punk metal

Onyx Eyes     goth metal

Oomph     goth metal

Opalescence of Darkness     dark electro

Ô Paradis     neo folk

Opened Paradise     gothic rock

Opera Multi Steel     coldwave - medieval

Ophelia's Dream     heavenly voices

Opus Nigrum     heavenly voices

O Quam Tristis     medieval folk

Ostfront     metal industrial

Orange Blossom     electro - ethnical pop

Orange Sector     EBM

Orantem     gothic metal

Orchestra Diabolica     dark orchestral

Orchestra Noir     chamber music

Orchis     dark folk

Ordo Equitum Solis     heavenly voices

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio     industrial folk

Organic     cold wave

Orgy     metal industrial

Orpheos     dark electro rock

Orphx     dark electro rock

Orplid     neo folk

Ostara     neo folk

Ostrich     eletro pop

The Other     horror punk

Otto Dix     darkwave

Oureboros     industrial ambient

Overbeyond     dark electro

Ozymandias     neo classical