P24     electro pop

Painbastard     harsh electro - EBM

The Pain Machinery     EBM

P.A.L     industrial - ambient

Pale Forest     goth metal

PaleRider     goth rock

Pale Roses     neo-folk

Panama Radio     electro pop

Pandique     electro pop - EBM

Pandora’s Black Book     industrial ambient

Panic Lift     electro industrial

Pantheon Legio Musica     industrial folk

Paracont     EBM

Parade Ground     EBM - industrial

Parallèles de Montségur     dark rock

Parzival     martial electro

Passage #9     cold-wave

Passion Play     goth rock

Patenbrigade: Wolff     electro ambient

Patron Saint of Plagues     experimental industrial

Pazz Kluger     gothic rock - post punk

The PCP Principle     industrial - ambient

Pearls of Dew     synthpop

Pecadores     electro industrial

Perfection Plastic     industrial

Perfidious Words     electrop pop

Persephone     dark neo classical

Pesticide     industrial- rock

Peura     experimentl industrial

Phagz     dark electro

Philosopher’s Point     electro industrial

Phosgore     electro industrial

Pig     industrial rock

Pilori     heavenly voices

Pineal Ventana     experimental industrial

Pinknruby     heavenly voices

Pink Turns Blue     cold-wave

Place4tears     darkwave

Plasmodivm     industrial

Plastic Assault     EBM

Plastic Noise Experience     EBM

Plastique Noir     gothic rock

Pneumatic Detach     industrial

Helga Pogatschar     neo classical - experimental

Polarlicht 4.1     industrial ambient

Porn     electro rock

Portion Control     EBM - industrial

Portrait Bizarre     darkwave

Position Parallele     cold-wave electro

Post Death Soundtrack     industrial - rock

Post Scriptvm     industrial ambient

Pounce International     electro ambient

Prager Handgriff     EBM

PreEmptive Strike 0.1     electro industrial

The Present Moment     darkwave - electro pop

Pressgang Metropol     cold wave

Pressure Control     EBM

Pretentious, Moi?     gothic rock

Pride and Fall     electro-pop

Principe Valiente     darkpop

Printed at Bismarck's Death     darkwave

Profane Grace     dark ambient

Project Pitchfork     dark electro

Project-X     EBM

Prometheus Burning     harsh electro

Propulsion     EBM - synthpop

The Protagonist     dark ambient - neo classical

Provision     electro-pop

Proyecto Mirage     harsh industrial

PSI     experimental ambient

PsioniC     harsh electro

Psy’Aviah     EBM - industrial

Psyborg Corp.     harsh electro

Psyche     darkwave - synthpop

Psychic TV     experimental - industrial

Psyclon Nine     dark electro

Psydoll     Japanese dark rock

Pulcher Femina     electro-pop

Punch Inc.     harsh industrial

Punish Yourself     metal industrial

Punto Omega     harsh electro

The Pussybats     gothic rock