Tactical Sekt     electro industrial

Tamtrum     harsh electro

Tanzwut     medieval industrial

Tapage     ambient industrial

Tapping the Vein     gothic metal

Tear Garden     electro industrial

Tears of Othila     dark folk

Tearwave     gothic - pop

Teatro Satanico     electro industrial

T3chnophobia     metal industrial

Ten Data Keshin     industrial

Tenek     electro pop

Tenhornedbeast     dark ambient

Terminal Choice     electro industrial

Terminal Gods     gothic rock

Terrolokaust     electro industrial

Terrorkode     harsh electro

Terrorfakt     harsh electro

Test Dept.     industrial

Testify     industrial metal

Testube     experimental electro

Tethrippon     martial

Thanatos     romantic pop - dark-folk

T.H.D.     dark electro

Theatre of Tragedy     dark metal

Theatres des Vampires     goth metal

Thelema     dark atmospheric

Tenhi     eofolk - neoclassical

Theodor Bastard     heavenly voices

These Crimson Dreams     ambient

Thighpaulsandra     experimental electro

Things Outside the Skin     electro-industrial

Think About Mutation     industrial metal

This Ascension     ethereal-gothic

This Drowning Man     coldwave

This Morn' Omina     tribal industrial

This Vale of Tears     gothic rock

This Void Inside     gothic metal

Therion     dark metal

The 3rd and the Mortal     dark ambient

Third Realm     goth industrial

Thirteenth Exile     electro industrial

Thork     dark folk

Thorofon     industrial

The Thought Criminals     electro-industrial

Throbbing Gristle     industrial

Tiamat     dark metal

Alex Tiuniaev     neo classical

Todesbonden     neo-classical metal

Tonal Y Nagual     neofolk

Tool     dark metal

Tors of Dartmoor     gothic rock

Torul     electro pop

Totakeke     industrial

Total Pain Kollapz     EBM

Tourdeforce     electro pop

Toxic Coma     electro industrial

Tragic Black     deathrock

Transmutator     electro industrial

Trauma Pet     electro-pop

Tre' Lux     electro-pop

TrevanVeschi     dark electro

Triarii     martial - ambient

Tribantura     EBM

Trinithos     neofolk

TriORE     industrial pop

Tristania     goth metal

Triste Sire     glam goth

Trobar De Morte     medieval - heavenly voices

Tropic Of Cancer     coldwave

Troum     industrial - ambient

Trüemmerwelten     dark electro industrial

The True Will     martial ambient

Trylok     EBM - electro-pop

Tsidmz     martial - ambient

Tumor     electro industrial

Turnavel     neoclassical

The Turnbull AC's     EBM - industrial

T.W.A.T.     EBM

Twice A Man     dreamy pop / darkwave

The Twilight Garden     electro industrial

Twitch The Ripper     dreamy / electro pop

Tying Tiffany     goth rock

Type O Negative     dark metal

Tyske Ludder     EBM - industrial

Tzolk'In     tribal ambient