Wach     dark ambient

Wacobeast     electro - industrial

Tony Wakeford     dark folk

Warmonger     dark folk

Wavefall     EBM

Wave In Head     synthpop

We Came From Waters     electro wave

Welle:Erdball     electro pop

Weena Morloch     electro goth

Weep     coldwave

Werkraum     medieval - folk

Wertham     electro industrial

While Angels Watch     apocalyptic folk

WinFXDinamo     harsh electro

Whispers in the Shadow     goth - wave

White Rose Transmission     cold wave

Whore ?     industrial - rock

Rozz Williams     death rock

Willow Wisp     goth metal

Winds Died Down     industrial metal

Wired Brain (label)     industrial rock

Witchmaker     electro industrial

Within Temptation     gothic metal

Wolfenmond     celtic - medieval

Wolfsheim     electro pop

Wolfskin     ritual ambient

Womb     death rock

Woodland Choir     neofolk

Wormachine     electro rock

Worms Of The Earth     dark ambient

Wort-Ton     darkwave

Wounded Infidel     electro industrial

:Wumpscut:     dark electro industrial

Wynardtage     dark electro